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on the baby sitter job, it helps alot if you go from left to right giving each per what they want but dont skip the two on th ends becuse then you can't mess up at all
I stick a post-it note over the last two WebKinz. This keeps them from distracting me and I can concentrate on the other four.
There is a happiness meter on the bottom so you can see who needs the most attention, but I never have time to look at it, I just try to drag things to the pets as quickly as I can. Also, pay attention to their happy faces so you know when they look sad and can give them a teddy bear.
-Kim W.
In level 3 where there are 6 babies to tend to, you can ignore 2 webkinz on one side. That way you only get 2 strikes, and have to only tend to 4 babies.
It is pretty easy all you have to do is remember which action goes with each item and you will be good. also be careful because it is hard to remember the food and drink because when the webkinz is hungry it licks its lips and when it is thirsty it will pant.
Focus on one item at a time. If 3 pets are tired, give the all blankets before you move to food water of teddy bear. Also sadness is hard. If you think the pet is happy, look at his happiness bar. If it is dropping, he needs a teddy bear.
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