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Employment Office Hints
Click on the employment office job below to get hints / tips. Please send me any hints you have for any of the jobs. Do not send me the same information that is in the online instructions, but rather ways to do the job better/faster. I also do not post cheats, as they will get you kicked off Webkinz™. If a job is black, then I don't have any hints for it yet.

Baby-Sitter Dr. Quack's Assistant Fence Painting
Flooring Assistant Gem Mining Grocery Clerk
Hamburger Cook KinzPost Sorter Ms. Birdy's Assistant
Newzpaper Delivery Piano Player Shoe Store Clerk
General Information
What are Easy, Medium, and Hard jobs?
What if I quit or don't finish a job in time?
Why can't I see my favorite job on the job board?
Special thanks to freak1233 for kick starting this page of tips.

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