Eric Lubin

Professional Software Developer, Pragmatic Programmer, Entertainment Designer, Dotnet Developer, Java Programmer, Husband, Father, Tennis Player, Self-motivated Innovator, Hands-on Doer, Entrepreneur, Software Architect, Tinkerer

About Me

I am a self-motivated, hands on, pragmatic software architect with over 20 years experience. I am a full stack developer with a current focus on Youth Digital Video and Web Front-End Technologies. I am an expert in mashups and integrating systems. I value solved problems, collaboration and launched applications over theory.

I thrive in an environment with moderate oversight and with creative freedoms to be innovative while iterating quickly on customer feedback. I have a proven track record of innovation and "crushing" expectations. I was recognized for my achievements at Constant Contact for building the first versions of EventSpot, SaveLocal and a Customer Loyalty application. I was awarded prizes for Tweet My Event, Custom Theme Picker, and QR Scan-to-Join which can all be seen in the products today along with Early Bird Special, Galileo Editors, and an online Organization Chart.

I am a very effective communitor and can bridge the gap between techincal and non-technical people. Early in my career, I architected and coded the IBM Virtual Help Desk in English and Japanese. I was flown to Japan to train the sales, marketing and support teams on the product. More recently, I have taught classes and done lightening talks at Constant Contact on internationalization, the bootstrap library, debugging in Chrome and geocoding with Bing.


  • Experience

  • PwC - Independent Software Architect

    • UI Architect and developer for big data company comparison tool for Transactional Net Margin Method – Transfer Pricing – an AngularJS SPA site allowing user to search and filter through millions of companies with a focus on performance and user experience
    • Developed C# web services server-side code to support Angular pages
    • Upgrading Global Coordinated Document editor tool from AngularJS to Angular 7+
    • Pioneered automated End-to-End and regression tests using protractor/selenium and trained QA team
    • Implemented data output options such as XLSX and PPT files through ClosedXML
    • Designed and implemented “Tax Chat Bot” on Azure Bot Service platform including Language Understanding (LUIS)
  • The Director's Cut CA - Independent Software Architect

    • Architecting and developing youth digital video opportunities through choose your own adventure and story telling curriculums
    • Designing interactive platforms for summer camp video classes on tablets and phones
  • Constant Contact - Software Architect / Advisory Engineer

    • Lead front-end developer for EventSpot. Our team built the current EventSpot product from scratch into a $10M business unit. I built the initial store owner configuration pages and the customer landing pages. I interfaced with customers and quickly iterated on feedback. I was recognized for innovative ideas Tweet My Event (before it was popular) and a custom theme picker. The code was written in Java Spring MVC and deployed on JBoss
    • Architect of "Roundtable" Small Business Social Network. Ruby on Rails application deployed to Amazon Web Services using gems such as devise, omniauth, delayed_job and utilizing a postgres database.
    • Front-end Architect and developer for Constant Contact SaveLocal product. Wrote the store owner configuration pages in Java Spring MVC and the customer facing coupon purchase pages in Ruby on Rails integrating with PayPal
    • Architect for Small Business Loyalty Solution ustilizing Apple Passbook
    • Developer for conference website. Ruby on Rails application deployed to Heroku
    • Developer for internal Java Spring Web Service exposing 'big data' information for the UI
    • Innovation Projects - iPad Join My List, Organizational Chart, Email Display Board, all written in Ruby on Rails and deployed to an in-house Openstack Cloud through vagrant
    • Developer on Constant Contact's Contacts v2.0 solution. Ruby on Rails application utilizing Backbone, mustache templateing and Bootstrap
    • Recognized for my innovation on QR Scan-to-join, Early Bird Special and custom Galileo Editors
  • - Consultant to IBM

    • Architect, Designer, Developer of self-help website IBM Virtual Help Desk.
    • Allows users to solve their own issues, submit tickets, search for knowledge, self-heal and install printers.
    • Deployed to multiple Fortune 500 companies including internal worldwide IBM.
    • Implemented on IBM Websphere and IBM DB2 using Java, Servlets, JSP, JSP Tags, AJAX and XML then migrated to IBM WebSphere Portlet Server
    • Built to integrate with Remedy, Peregrine, Quintus, MacAfee Help Desk, eESM Call Tracking Systems.
    • Complete with full DBCS multi-language capabilities (Deployed in 14 languages)
  • Modis Professional Services - Consultant to IBM

    • Delivered web services as member of IBM's Global Application Delivery [GAD] Team.
    • Developed websites for and IBM's customers.
    • Delivered Self-Healing technology via GetHelp website built on
    • Created servlets for - 'explore e-business'. We utilitized Java Servlets on IBM WebSphere server making SOAP calls to other services.
  • The Experts - Consultant to IBM

    • Designed, wrote and maintained BUFFER - an OS/2 C 32-bit Presentation Manager [PM] multi-threaded application which interfaces with IBM corporate database (RETAIN).
    • Educated IBM personnel using the application. Taught classes and wrote paper documentation.
    • Conceptualized, designed, coded, and tested application to send alphanumeric pages to support personnel, based on customer problem reports, allowing them to work remotely.
    • Built custom Java controls on JDK 1.1.x.
    • Built and maintained IBM internal website for Worldwide Support Center Team using HTML, Applets, Lotus Domino.


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